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Put your hand up if you find the whole process of choosing the right secondary school for your child at the very least, stressful and at most, completely daunting and overwhelming.

There is so much local knowledge out there – firstly from the schools themselves who give detailed accounts of what you and your precious one have to do to gain access to their hallowed grounds.

Then there is the information you glean from other parents ‘at the gate’ – sometimes helpful but often wildly inaccurate and peppered with liberal red herrings so that you don’t apply to the same school as they want!

We aim to take the stress out of making this choice by providing you with firstly, the most recent admission statistics from the schools themselves, secondly, entrance tests criteria which may be 11plus or 11plus style and music aptitude developed in house by the individual school and thirdly blah blah blah. The tests consist of English, Maths and non verbal reasoning.

Bluecoat School Liverpool

The 300 year old Bluecoat School in Wavertree is a non –  Denominational (not under any particular religion) selective secondary school with academy status.

How many children do they take in Y7?

Bluecoat has recently increased its Y7 intake to 180 pupils and your child could be one of them if he or she is successful in the 11 plus entrance exam.

So, what is this 11plus Entrance Exam I have heard about?

The entrance exam for Bluecoat School  takes place every October for the following year’s intake. Therefore your child takes the exam at the beginning of Y6. The test consists of : English – a reading comprehension and a piece  of creative writing, Maths and an Non Verbal Reasoning Paper. In  order to have a good chance of being able to do the exam, your child  needs to start preparing for it at least in the January of Y5 if not  before.

How do they select their intake?

The way it works is very simple – the top 180 children with the  highest aggregate scores get offered a place at Bluecoat School. You  are informed of the result before completion of the local authority  entrance form, so you will know whether or not to put it as first  choice. If your child is in the top 180 you must put Bluecoat School   as your first choice.