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  • 1. Exams

    Thank you for submitting students. We are now processing parent / student responses and will be making the entries this week. A list will go up at Pulse listing those sutudents entered. Just to clarify the submission of students for exams: Stage 1 is that teachers decide when a student is ready for entry. It is the teacher that starts the process by submitting a student to ourselves. We then send parents an invitation to enter for an exam. To be clear - teachers don't necessarily need to ask parents / students whether they want to enter. When entering students, always factor in that there will be a lead up period of at least 6 weeks before the actual exam. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to only enter a student when a minimum 75% of content has been covered competently, at the point of submission to Pulse.
  • 2. Parent Involvement In Lessons

    Sarah had a really productive meeting with teachers who have recently started to work with us and they raised some really valuable issues - some of which I'm sure will chime with all teachers at Pulse. Thank you to Jack, Rhonda, Dan & Tom for their input. An issue that was discussed at length was the distractions caused by parents who sit in on lessons. Our policy at Pulse is that parents can choose if they wish to sit in on lessons. A question we are often asked by new enquiries is the level of safeguarding measures at Pulse and DBS information etc. We feel that it's important for parents to exercise the right to be with their children. We do however, want to establish some ground rules with parents as it isn't fair on teachers (or students) if parents are having a detrimental effect on lessons. We are preparing a communication to parents and would like teachers to identify specific lessons where parental attendance is an issue. Parents will be sent this as a general communication and teachers won't be implicated in any way. Ultimately we will be communicating to parents that we want them to play their part in making their children's lessons as productive as possible and using mobile phones / intervening during tuition / toddlers in the room are a real barrier to this. So, please list your lessons below that you feel are affected by parental attendance.
  • 3. Band Sessions

    The initial band sessions have gone really well. Thank you to teachers for preparing students well. It is clear from early feedback (from students and parents) that the students are enjoying the sessions immensely. The hope is that students make the link to individual lessons and playing in a band. With this in mind - please introduce more of your students to the current songs and nominate them for band using the link on the teacher page on our website. The hope is that this becomes and ongoing process - similar to the system for exams - prepare & submit. Please do not put students forward who are not ready to participate, particularly if they are shy or have fragile personalities.
  • 4. Drinks & Food

    It's only a small thing but can we tighten up on hot drinks and food in the teaching rooms please. We had an incident with a child a few years ago with a hot drink that a teacher had. If we can keep hot drinks to the kitchen area (during teaching hours) that would be much appreciated.
  • 5. Statement Discrepancies

    If there any discrepancies on your statement - please use the comment box at the bottom of this form to indicate the issues. Please note that Catch Up lessons are paid separately to monthly teaching sessions. Catch Up sessions are paid on the following Monday after a Catch Up Saturday.
  • 6. Your Feedback

    If you have any comments about the above, or about any other issues that you want to raise, please comment here. If an issue / comment requires more discussion please request a meeting and we can arrange a convenient time.

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