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As we move into the final half term, we will be reviewing our operation and planning for September. Part of this process is firming up existing suppliers for September and recruiting new teachers. We also review sessions that are inconsistent / low on numbers & enquiries, and in some cases we may need to cancel teaching sessions. This occurs rarely and we will give suppliers ample notice if this is required.

We realise that changes to each individual’s circumstances can occur at any time but it helps us if we have an indication of your intentions for September. Notice of teachers leaving that reach us during the summer holidays are a particular headache and would ask that any intentions are communicated to ourselves before this period. We always require 4 weeks notice of changes or that teachers wish to discontinue supplying services.

Please complete the form below & we will confirm sessions that we have for teachers no later than Friday June 23rd. 

Suppliers - September Feedback

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