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Sub Contractor Guidance (2)

1. Your Status With Us

Your work for Pulse is on a self employed basis & you are responsible for your own tax & National Insurance affairs. We will provide you with statements each month, detailing lessons delivery & payments. At the end of the school year, you will provide an invoice for signing that will detail all payments made. You are free to cancel / leave this position at any point but we would ask for at least a four week notice period in order to organise a replacement teacher.

2. Teaching

We ask that you arrive for your teaching sessions fifteen minutes before your first lesson to be prepared and ready to teach, factoring in conversations / changes that may have occurred and arranging equipment / resources etc. Your are solely responsible for the content of lessons. As a music school we / our clients expect that students will work towards grades with recognised exam boards and we favour ABRSM & Trinity. Students should be taught using published materials, as well as bespoke materials / sheets that you also provide. If you feel that a particular student would benefit form a 'non traditional / notation' approach -please always communicate your reasoning with parents.

3. Management & Administration

Pulse will deal with all matters connected with the organisation of rooms / lessons / payments / new enquiries etc. Any non music / learning related matters - please refer students & parents to ourselves. Please use the Pulse website page to post forms for session cover / exam submission and other functions included on the page. Please submit attendance forms after every session - failure to do this will cause delay in payments.

4. Sub Contractor Dress Code

We are a school and present a very professional approach across all areas - our building, our website & marketing, our communications, and also our presentation to clients. We have expectations of our sub-contractors in the representation of the overall offer. While we do not request fully formal dress or a uniform, we do have guidelines that will ensure a consistent representation, in line with the values mentioned above. As professional people, we expect teachers to present themselves professionally at all times. Our dress code aims to hit a mid ground of expectations for school teachers (formal suit etc.) and an outside school hours operation. Dress is expected for a learning environment where presentation to students and parents is an important consideration. For the avoidance of doubt, please confirm your understanding to the points below using the check boxes on the left. There is a space for any questions / clarifications etc.
Sub-contractors present themselves in a shirt with a collar and never in a t shirt (on its own or with open shirt) or jumper only. Please ensure that shirts are ironed!(Required)
Sub-contractors present themselves in skirt / dress / trousers - never in shorts, track suits, leisure joggers, bib & brace, dungarees etc.(Required)
Sub-contractors present themselves in shoes and never arrive for teaching in pumps / trainers / leisure shoes etc.(Required)
Sub-contractors do not teach or communicate with parents wearing hats or coats (unless there is a medical / other reason to do so.)(Required)

5. Safeguarding

Safeguarding To supply services to Pulse you must present a fully enhanced DBS certificate and also complete safeguarding training. Sarah Pickering is the lead on Safeguarding and will deal with all issues in this respect. If at any point you have any concerns you must report these immediately.

6. Food & Drinks

Sub contractors are welcome to make hot drinks on arrival but we would ask that these drinks are not taken in to your teaching rooms. Please keep all hot drinks in the kitchen area. If you need a drink in your teaching room please keep it in a lidded flask or water bottle, away from the pupils. Please eat food in the kitchen area only.

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