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Pulse Music Lessons – September Re-Start – Important Information.


Our music lessons operation will restart week beginning 31st August. In order to phase in lessons, in a safe and structured way, the following transitional arrangements will take place, for the first half term:

Weeks 1 & 2 your lessons will continue online for the first two weeks , weeks beginning 31st August & 7th September.


Weeks 3 & 4 – one of your lessons will be at Pulse & one online


Weeks 5 – 8 all of your lessons will be at Pulse


Please see the information boxes below for further information.

Have a sibling at Pulse? Enquired about new sibling lessons? Booked musical aptitude classes? Used a different email address for Zoom?

Please read the information below – please use the form if you have any questions or queries.

Why We Are Taking This Approach

There are a number of reasons why we have decided to take a transitional approach to our return. Including:

  • Some of our teachers, parents & students, are returning from holidays which will require them to quarantine for the first two weeks of September.

  • We feel that children & parents will be focussed on the return to school, so we want to maintain continuity of music lessons, online, from last term.

  • We want to monitor the return of children to school and learn from early experiences in schools.

  • There have been delays (due to COVID) with services that we require to have our building and spaces ready for a return, so we need more time to ensure a smooth and safe operation.

Confirming Your Lesson Time - IMPORTANT

What Happens Next?

In the next three to four days, you will receive an email reminder of your first lesson, online, for the week beginning Monday 31st August. Please check your time – if there are any issues, please contact us and we will rectify. If your time and day is correct – you don’t need to do anything.

Email Address For Your Online Lesson - IMPORTANT

Check Your Email Address For Your Zoom Lessons

We will use the email address that we have sent this communication to, for your online lessons. If you would like us to use a different email address, please detail this using the form below.

If You Have A Lesson On Monday 31st August - Please Click Here

Monday August 31st (Bank Holiday)

Lessons will take place on this date, as normal. If students are absent, please notify us, and lessons will be banked and caught up in the normal manner.

If You Have A Sibling At Pulse - Please Click Here

Computer Issues & Online Lessons

As previously with online lessons last term, we will schedule lessons so that there are no clashes with times that cause wifi / computer issues. When you receive your lesson confirmations (in the next two days) please contact us if there are any issues with the times that we have scheduled.

When your lessons return to Pulse, you will revert to your normal lesson times.

If You Have Enquired About New Lessons For A Sibling - Please Click Here

Siblings – New Lessons

We have reserved a space for you (at the same time as your existing son / daughter’s lesson), in the event that you decide to start new lessons for a sibling. We will be delivering free taster lessons for new siblings, at Pulse, on Wednesday 9th September. You can book your free taster lesson by clicking on the link below – please book for 9th September only. If you decide to move forward with lessons, your second child’s lessons will commence, week beginning 14th September.


Book Here:

If You Have Booked Musical Aptitude Classes - Please Click Here

Musical Aptitude classes will take place at Pulse (not online), as planned, starting on Saturday 5th September. Social distancing procedures will be in place.

Please only complete the form below if you have specific questions or queries that are not answered above.

September Return (PUL)

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  • New Music Lessons

  • Musical Aptitude Classes - (Year 6 In September Only)

  • The Education Place (The Education Place (KS1 & 2 English & Maths / 11+, KS3 / GCSE Maths & Science)

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