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Pulse Re-Opening – Important Information.


Our building will re-open from week beginning 7th September (Education) & 14th September (Music). The following information will hopefully reassure our suppliers (music & education teachers) that measures are in place to ensure, as practicably possible, that we will be operating in a safe environment. Please read the information below carefully, and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Ultimately:

As self employed teachers, you have to make your own decision about whether you feel safe to supply your services at Pulse. There is no expectation, on our part, that teachers should feel obliged to work in an environment that they are not comfortable with.




Who Will Be Allowed Into The Building?

Only teachers, reception staff & students will be permitted into the building – except parents accompanying new taster or assessment lessons.

Parent / Student Responsibilities

Students & parents will be instructed that they are not to enter our premises, if they, or anyone within their family is showing symptoms of COVID 19. Students will be asked to bring their own hand sanitiser to be used while on the premises.

Students will bring their own books / resources – we will not be providing photocopying services. Please ensure, during forthcoming lessons (music students) that parents and students are supplied with information regarding the book that will be required. Please send Amazon link if possible.

Pulse Responsibilities

We will / have implemented the following measures to minimise risk where possible:

The Building:

  • Air conditioning systems have been serviced and new systems installed. The heating function only will be used and we are advised  by our installers that the current guidance from HSE is that air cooling & heating systems do not pose any known threat to health related to Coronavirus.

  • All windows and doors will be opened one hour prior to opening to refresh air within the environment & periodically during teaching sessions. Windows in upstairs teaching spaces will be open permanently to allow air flow.

  • Doors in the downstairs / reception area teaching rooms, will be left open during teaching, except the drum room, which has operable cell roof windows.

  • We have installed hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the building.

  • We have ordered signage regarding entry to the building & hand washing reminders etc.

  • We have equipped each teaching room with a second keyboard to maintain social distancing.


  • Our cleaner hours will be extended to three visits per five day period – performing a deep clean of all surfaces, teaching rooms and communal areas.

  • Reception staff will clean all handles and surfaces in communal areas on an hourly basis while teaching is taking place.

Teacher Responsibilities & Your Own PPE - Important

Teachers – We Ask:

  • Do not attend the building if they (or anyone in their household) is showing symptoms of COVID 19.

  • Stay in your teaching room as much as possible to avoid contact with others.

  • Observe social distancing while teaching – at least 1 metre apart.

  • Observe social distancing in all communal areas.


The policy for our building, from Monday 14th September:

  • All teachers will be required to wear a plastic face shield – not cloth masks.

  • All adults entering the building (tasters / assessments) will be required to wear a mask or shield.

  • Children will not be required to wear a face mask or shield.

The above is the approach that we have decided to adopt, taking into account the safety of adults and welfare / mental well being of students. As with all organisations and establishments, we are making the decisions based on the myriad of guidance and information available.

Overall, we feel that these measures exceed those being employed in schools, while factoring in that we have relatively very small numbers in our building, compared to schools.

PPE Supply:

  • Teachers / Suppliers will be required to provide and maintain their own PPE shield. Teachers will not be permitted to teach on our premises without their own PPE. Please ensure delivery, when ordering, for the beginning of teaching, w/b 14th September.

Start Times & Cleaning

Music Lessons:

  • There will be a split of start times – half lessons will start on the hour / half past and the other half at 35 minutes & 05 minutes

  • Teachers will be supplied with cleaning materials to wipe instruments, seating & door handles between lessons. There will not be gaps between lessons – but parents will be informed that lessons may run slightly late etc. to allow for cleaning. All lessons must run for 30 minutes and teachers need to factor in that their end time may run over slightly.

Education Lessons:

  • All education lessons will run from quarter past the hour

  • Teachers will be supplied with cleaning materials to wipe desks & seating. There will not be gaps between lessons – but parents will be informed that lessons may run slightly late etc. to allow for cleaning. All lessons must run for 60 minutes and teachers need to factor in that their end time may run over slightly.

Online Teaching (Music)

Online Teaching:

We are still working through the schedules and allocating rooms etc. but it is likely that some teachers, on particular nights, will teach bi-weekly online / offline. So, your session will be online one week and at Pulse the next. This won’t apply to drum lessons, but will apply to singing lessons. We will prioritise sessions where there are fewer students / large gaps, where possible.



Teachers will receive daily schedules during the first two weeks, via email as previously during the past few months, as schedules are changing by the hour at present. Attendance forms will also be submitted via the form provided. Schedules & attendance forms will be sent & submitted digitally until further notice.

Safeguarding Training - Important


As with previous academic years, we require all suppliers to Pulse to have undertaken annual  safe guarding training. As self employed teachers, this is something that will be beneficial for teachers working in other settings than Pulse. Put simply – having undertaken recent training will strengthen your position should there ever be a situation which questions your conduct in the teacher / student context.

The recommended course can be accessed by clicking on the link below. teachers will be required to supply their certificate to ourselves, prior to delivery on the premises.

Click Here:






Please only complete the form below if you have specific questions or queries that are not answered above.

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