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Your Bank Direct Debit


We’re making some changes to our processes  this summer and moving all clients that have a bank direct debit  with us to the Gocardless system for the new school year. Gocardless is an easier system for us to manage payments and we are closing the account that you currently pay into on August 31st. You may have siblings that have lessons and they are set up with Gocardless already – we only want you to cancel your DD that is directly from your bank.




  • Please go into your online banking and cancel your Direct Debit to ourselves 

  • We will come back to you in September to set up your new Gocardless payment account

  • Any owed lessons to you will be refunded in early August

  • The above does not affect your lessons – you are scheduled in from September


IMPORTANT: Please cancel your Bank Direct Debit to us by Monday 26th July & please reply to our text message or email to confirm that you have done this, so that we don’t need to call or contact you again. Thank you for your cooperation.