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Pulse Re-Opening & Updated COVID Information – 1.11.20

We look forward to welcoming students back to Pulse this week. We hope everyone is safe and well.

Pulse will reopen this week and continue to operate as previously. Our business is OFSTED registered and we are deemed a ‘Childcare Provider’ who are, at the time of writing, exempt from the new lockdown restrictions starting on Thursday this week. We await further detail and will update, but at this moment, individuals are permitted to leave their house for education, and businesses in our category have not been directed to close.

Existing Students – Please read new information and updates (in red) below.

New Students – Please read all sections.


COVID - Processes / Arrival & Departure - UPDATES IN RED

At Pulse – Two Updates In Red

Unfortunately, until further notice, parents will not be able to  wait inside Pulse while lessons are taking place.

All teachers & management at Pulse will wear face shields. Children are not required to wear masks or shields – they can if you wish. *Children over the age of 12 must wear face coverings when entering or moving around our premises. Face coverings can be removed while in lessons.

All doors to teaching rooms will  be left open during lessons to allow for  air flow.

All teachers will have separate instruments and will be distanced more than one metre from children.

All instruments & seating will be cleaned after every lesson – please be aware that lessons may run over slightly.

We will be extending our cleaner hours and the building will be deep cleaned regularly, along with ‘in session’ cleaning on a daily basis.

Your Arrival & Departure – Very Important

  • Please enter the area inside the black gates and wait on the left hand side ( by Pulse Sign) and socially distance from other children & parents.

  • Your teacher will beckon your child into their lesson – parents must then vacate the area.

  • When returning for your child- please wait outside the black gates – we will deliver your child to you – please come at the exact time of your lesson time end to reduce waiting time for teachers. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT IN YOUR CAR AS WE WILL NOT LET ANY CHILD LEAVE THE PREMISES UNTIL THEY HAVE VISUALLY IDENTIFIED THEIR PARENT. If you are delayed for any reason – please don’t worry – we will seat your child in our reception area.

  • Can we please ask that parents do not park on the road opposite our gates to receive their child following lessons. Parking at this point reduces the waiting space for other children and parents, which reduces social distancing.

What If Students Have To Isolate? UPDATES IN RED


Self Isolating – One Update In Red

If you (adult students) your child or any of your family is self isolating and you cannot attend your lesson, we will deliver your lessons online. Please inform us as soon as possible. Lessons were delivered successfully during the first lockdown via Zoom – we’ve been there before and will deliver successfully again.

*Once you have started ONLINE lessons your lessons will be labelled ONLINE on our system, until we hear differently from you. Just get in touch when you wish to return to Pulse.

Singing Lessons - UPDATES IN RED

Singing Lessons – One Update In Red

*Update to the information below – All students & teachers MUST now wear a cloth face mask and plastic protective shield. Lessons will not take place unless this level of PPE is worn during lessons.

There have been several scientific studies regarding singing & Coronavirus. To protect both teacher & student, we will be implementing the following measures:

  • All singing lessons will take place in our largest room at Pulse.

  • Windows in that room will be open at all times.

  • Both teacher and student will face their own open window, while singing.

  • Both teacher & student will wear a face shield – students must come prepared with their own shield NB – the lesson cannot proceed without this item of PPE.

Student Progress & Reports NEW INFORMATION

Keeping You Informed Of Progress

It saddens us greatly that parents, grand parents and carers cannot enter our premises at present. We added two large reception areas to the building in 2017 to enable you all to engage with teachers, and also create a vibrant environment for all in our community.


Reports have now been completed for last term and you will receive a digital version this week. Apologies for the delay – our workload is exceptionally high at present.


Our Record So Far

We have implemented rigorous procedures at Pulse since April, including extensive cleaning regimes, strict distancing / PPE compliance, and ventilation of spaces etc. Given the size of building, there are a low number of students, children and adults present at any given time.

At the time of this communication, between April & November, there has been one reported case of COVID among students and teachers, (that we are aware of) that was identified in the period of Pulse being operational. We have not included  two cases that occurred during a holiday period when we were closed.

The one case identified was contacted by Track & Trace and we ourselves were contacted by Public Health England. We were told by PHE that our processes were exemplary, and that, with a couple of recommendations, we could continue to deliver our services.

Please be assured – we are taking the safety of teachers, students & children very seriously and will keep you informed at every stage regarding reported cases.


ABRSM / Trinity / Rockschool / RGT Exams

At this point, until we are advised differently, all exams will take place at Pulse in December and similarly exams outside Pulse. Any changes / updates will be released by exam boards this week and we will keep you updated as we find out more.

Our teachers will still be nominating students for exams and we will continue as normal until we are advised otherwise.

New Students To Pulse This Term


We welcomed 70+ new students to Pulse this term and we hope things are going well – it’s great to have you! 

Please be assured that we have responded consistently to the changes and challenges that have come our way during the last eight months and will continue to do so. If your lessons need to go online at any point, due to your child / household having to isolate, or because of a national directive, please be assured that we’ve got you covered! We’ve been there and got the t-shirt!

We delivered more than 8,000 lessons during lockdown via ZOOM. If you need to take lessons online, we have Danny on tech support to help where required. If there’s any glitches along the way – don’t worry – you won’t be charged.

We’ll see you at Pulse this week – but remember – IF YOU NEED TO GO ONLINE – LET US KNOW AND WE’LL GET YOU SORTED!

Please only complete the form below if you have specific questions or queries that are not answered above.

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