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Our music lessons are going online from Tuesday 5th January. 

Please Read The Information Below That Applies To You. There is a form for any questions or issues that you may have.

Take Care & Stay Safe. 

I've Had Lessons ONLINE During Previous Lockdowns or Due To Self Isolation

You Don’t Need To Do Anything

Our teachers will send you a ZOOM link at your lesson time. Sometimes lessons may run a minute or so late – please don’t worry, you will always receive a full 30 minute lesson. Your lesson invitation will be sent to the email address to which you have received this message.  Please let us know below if you need to change the email address that  we send lesson invitations to. 

Please Remember – If you have any tech issues during your lesson – we’ll bank the lesson and rearrange – no question. We will be manning the phones and also have Danny on hand for tech support. Email or contact us on 0151 724 2120 if you have any problems. We’ll have you sorted in no time.

I Have Siblings At Pulse


If your sibling lessons are on different days / times – you don’t need to do anything. Your teachers will send you the ZOOM links at the time of your lesson.

If Your Sibling Lessons Are On The Same Day, At The Same Time

*We will reschedule one of your lessons as previously during the November lockdown.

*You will be able to check the time change when you receive your automated reminder from our scheduling system. If the new time change is ok for you – you don’t need to do anything.

*If the time change isn’t suitable for you, please get in touch and we will send you a booking link for alternative time slots with your teacher.

I've Only Recently Started Lessons

New Students

We’re really disappointed that we can’t welcome you into Pulse following your recent taster or starting lessons. We want to suggest trying a lesson online – if you / our teachers decide that online lessons may not work – we won’t charge you for the lesson and we’ll contact you to refund any payments that you’ve made.


We want to reassure you that we’ve been here before with this one – we delivered more than 8,000 lessons in Lockdown One!

How Does It Work?

You’ve probably used ZOOM to keep in touch with family and friends – well, we use ZOOM for our ONLINE lessons. It worked really well last time, with a 95% satisfaction rate among students & parents. We have Danny taking care of tech support and we’ll be in touch separately to help get you set up.

What If We Have Problems or It’s Not Working?

Please be assured that if we have any issues that result in a lesson being short / not delivered or you’re not happy – don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the lesson and we’ll rearrange it for another time.

Please click on the link further down the page to see our video explainer on ZOOM lessons.

I Didn't Have Lessons ONLINE During The Previous Lockdown

ONLINE Works Really Well…

Would you like to try online for one lesson and see how it goes? If not –  let us know below and we will contact you separately about lessons and payments.

It's Not Possible For Me To Have ONLINE Lessons

ONLINE Isn’t Possible?

For logistical reasons or lack of instrument at home, you may not be able to participate in ONLINE lessons. Please indicate in the form below and we will contact you separately about lessons and payment.

Please click on this link to view our video explainer about your ONLINE lessons:



Pulse Return - April 2021

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