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Supplier Induction

  • Lessons last for 30 minutes and at either on the hour or half past

  • If your lessons run over time – the next lesson should be 30 minutes long and not cut short

  • Lessons should, in most cases, follow a specific course or exam board – unless students or parents have specifically asked not to work towards and examination

  • Students will normally come straight up to the teaching room – if they don’t arrive after five minutes or so – please check with reception

  • Students will normally return to reception alone – they must not be allowed to leave until they notify reception that their parent has arrived for them. New students should be escorted for initial sessions.

  • Parents should receive feedback at least every two weeks



Taster Lessons
  • Taster lessons should last approximately 15 minutes

  • Please report to reception to be introduced to the student & parent by the person on reception

  • Reception will then conclude the consultation

  • Taster lessons should be light & fun – remember that the student will be very nervous – do not attempt anything that is unachievable or difficult

  • Ask questions about previous experience / motivation for lessons etc.

  • Outline what will happen during lessons and the direction of travel – ie. Grades etc. if that is what is required

  • Do not discuss days & times / availability etc. – reception will take care of this

Dress Code

Please submit this form:

Dress Code

4. Sub Contractor Dress Code

We are a school and present a very professional approach across all areas - our building, our website & marketing, our communications, and also our presentation to clients. We have expectations of our sub-contractors in the representation of the overall offer. While we do not request fully formal dress or a uniform, we do have guidelines that will ensure a consistent representation, in line with the values mentioned above. As professional people, we expect teachers to present themselves professionally at all times. Our dress code aims to hit a mid ground of expectations for school teachers (formal suit etc.) and an outside school hours operation. Dress is not in line with doing a gig (for example) but for a learning environment where presentation to students and parents is an important consideration. For the avoidance of doubt, please confirm your understanding to the points below using the check boxes on the left. There is a space for any questions / clarifications etc.
Sub-contractors present themselves in a shirt with a collar and never in a t shirt (on its own or with open shirt) or jumper only. Please ensure that shirts are ironed.(Required)
Sub-contractors present themselves in skirt / dress / trousers / jeans - never in track suits, leisure joggers, bib & brace, dungarees etc.(Required)
Sub-contractors present themselves in shoes and never arrive for teaching in pumps / trainers / leisure shoes etc.(Required)
Sub-contractors do not teach or communicate with parents wearing hats or coats (unless there is a medical / other reason to do so.)(Required)
Sub-contractors will cover tattoos & piercings where possible (unless there is a medical / other reason to do so.)(Required)

  • Teachers are responsible for the teaching & learning aspect only

  • Pulse will manage all other aspects – scheduling of lessons / payments / exams / cover teachers

  • If parents ask anything other than music or teaching matters – please refer them to reception

  • The main channel of communication is: – this mailbox is monitored 24/7 – messages here will NEVER be missed

  • The second channel of communication is mobile: 07856 140 568

  • If you are going to be late or have an urgent issue – messages sent to both of the above will never be missed

  • All communication with students or parents will go through your Pulse email address

  • You will be required to complete a safeguarding course online – we will send you information separately 

  • You must not engage with students outside lessons

  • You must not share contact details with students

  • All communication should go via your pulse email address

Food & Drink
  • Sub contractors are welcome to make hot drinks on arrival but we would ask that these drinks are not taken in to your teaching rooms. Please keep all hot drinks in the kitchen area. If you need a drink in your teaching room please keep it in a lidded flask or water bottle, away from the pupils. Please eat food in the kitchen area only.

  • We strive for continuity for students & parents – we also understand that suppliers may be ill form time to time or want to do a gig / attend a family occasion

  • If you are ill – please send an email to – we will take care of everything else

  • If you need to take a session off (gigs / family etc.) please give as much notice as possible – using the ‘Can You Cover My Session’ link

  • Please do not inform students or parents if you will be taking a session off as we may be able to get cover

Schedules / The Week
  • You will receive your schedule for the week by 11:00 a.m. on Monday mornings

  • We will only contact you if your Start time changes

  • Your schedule may change – check the monitor in reception when you arrive at Pulse

  • We ask that suppliers arrive at least 15 minutes before the first lesson 

  • Following each session you will submit an attendance form

  • At the start of the following  month you will receive a statement showing the lessons that you have delivered

  • Lessons labelled ‘Lesson Attended’ – you will be paid for these lessons

  • Lessons labelled ‘CNN’ – the student didn’t give 24 hours notice – you will be paid for these lessons

  • Lessons labelled ‘CWN’ – the student gave 24 hours notice – you will not. be paid


For all matters regarding term dates / exams / cover sessions etc. – go to: