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Piano Lessons @ Carleton House – 2019 – 2020

When do lessons take place?

Lessons take place on Tuesdays & Wednesdays during the school lunch break. Our teachers arrange with lunch staff for children to go to the front of the queue to enable them to have their lunch early and therefore be ready to participate in their Piano lessons. Lessons do not take place during the school teaching sessions.

Who will my child have lessons with?

We have four Piano teachers at Carleton House – Rebecca, Lynne, Andrew & James. Ky (who taught last academic year) has accepted a post in Hong Kong and has been replaced by James, an experienced Piano teacher and former Liverpool Cathedral organist.

All of our teachers are DBS cleared and received regular training, including Safeguarding. We operate a ‘Safer Recruitment’ policy and also have qualified cover teachers, on the rare occasion that one of our teachers is ill, or for any other unforeseen circumstance.

What is the content of the piano lessons?

Children will work through staged beginners Piano books (‘Ten Fingers’ or John Thomson’ etc.) until they are ready to start graded exam books. Pulse is a registered examination centre for ABRSM, Trinity & Rockschool examination boards.

How will I know what my child needs to practice?

in the back of every child’s book, there will be a stapled sheet that will detail after every lesson, what has been covered and the expected practice for the week before the next lesson. Parents can the monitor practice and support children in the content to be covered at home. Progress is clearly linked to the amount of regular practice that takes place at home and we would encourage parents to establish a regular short period of practice every day.

Will I receive a report of my child's progress?

At the end of each term, parents will receive an emailed report detailing ‘What’s Going Well’ & ‘Even Better If” comments from teachers, along with other general information and comments. Parents will be given the opportunity to respond and can also contact Pulse at any time regarding lessons.



Who do I contact if I have a concern or want to discuss any aspect of the lessons?

Please note that our role at Carleton House is to offer a ‘wrap around’ service which includes management, administration & communication. The school office, in most instances, won’t have the information to answer any queries regrading Piano or other instrumental lessons delivered by ourselves at Carleton House.

If you have any questions or concerns, at any point, please contact:

Andy Pickering.

t: 0151 724 2120



What is the cost & how do I pay?

36 lessons will be delivered this academic year, starting from week beginning 16th September. Lessons are charged at £10:00 and last for 20 minutes with one of our Piano teachers. We take payment termly in advance and all payments are paid via Gocardless, an online Direct Debit application.

Following submission of this page, you will be redirected to the payment set up page. The arrangement is for three payments in September, January & March.

Lessons can be cancelled at any point with a four lesson notice period.



What if I want to stop lessons?

Lessons can be cancelled at any point with a four lesson notice period.

What do we expect from children & parents?

It is clear that progress is linked to consistency practice outside lessons. Please ensure that practice is a daily routine – regularity is much preferred to large chunks. The number one frustration for teachers is children not having their books so please make sure that they are brought into school for lessons.

If all children can bring books in on Tuesday 17th September, this will ensure that they have them, whether their lesson is on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. New students will be notified by teachers of the required book.

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