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Examination Result & Feedback

You will see below the feedback from your examination. This is provided by the person who examined and marked your child’s music examination and you will see the overall result at the top of the report. Following this report, you will see feedback provided by your child’s teacher, who will also talk through the report at your next lesson.

Certificates following examinations, usually arrive within 2-3 weeks of examination dates and presented to students.



Mark form

Lydia Hendry

Piano, Grade 2 Overall result: Pass

Diabelli: Lesson in C (No. 10 from Die ersten 12 Lektionen, Op. 125)

This was delivered with some incisive articulations but there was more scope for dynamic variety. Notes were largely accurate at first but errors crept in. The initial tempo was well judged but an accumulation of hesitations and corrections disrupted continuity, especially in the central section.

Burgmüller: Arabesque (No. 2 from 25 études faciles et progressives,

Op. 100)

The initial tempo was well judged and fingerwork was mostly even but more commitment to articulations and dynamics was needed to fully convey the character of the piece. Notes were highly accurate throughout.

Brian Chapple: Petite valse (from Lazy Days)

Articulations were well defined and the music flowed well at the start, with accurate notes coming across at a suitably buoyant speed. It lacked dynamic variety and there were a couple of corrections in the later stages.

Scales and broken chords

Scales were hesitant at times, and several gaps impeded fluency. Patterns in major scales were generally accurate, but there was less accuracy in minor keys. Arpeggios and broken chords lacked accuracy and fluency, with several muddled tonalities and holes in continuity.


This was vague in pitch and rhythm. Something of the general shape came across but it was not sufficiently detailed or fluent.

Aural Tests

The rhythmic test was mostly accurate but there were errors throughout the descriptive tests. There was some accuracy in the sung echoes.

Pass 100 | Merit 120 | Distinction 130

Total mark:









Presented By: Pulse Music
Date of exam: 09 December 2020 Examiner: Ian Buckle

Contact ID: 004RE786

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