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The Education Place – Your Agreement With Us 

Please read the information below very carefully and complete the agreement form. By submitting the agreement form, you are confirming that you have read and clearly understand our terms and conditions. Upon submission of this form, you will be redirected to the Direct Debit set up page. If you have any questions, please call, email or speak with us on reception.

Term Dates & Lessons

We follow Liverpool City Council school term dates as follows:


Autumn Term 2019

  • Starts: Monday 2nd September
  • Ends: Friday 20th December
  • Half Term: Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November

Spring Term 2020

  • Starts: Monday 6th January
  • Ends: Friday 3rd April
  • Half term: Monday 17th to Friday 21st February

Summer Term 2020

  • Starts: Monday 20th April
  • Ends: Monday 20th July
  • May Day: Monday 4th May
  • Half Term: Monday 25th to Friday 29 May

Payment For Lessons


  • We deliver our services with no compromise, based on the highest quality teachers and stringent safeguarding policies, in line with our Ofsted registration.Lessons in all subjects are delivered in one to three groups with a qualified & DBS cleared subject specialist.


  • There is no long term commitment and lessons can be cancelled at any point with 4 weeks notice. This is important to note if your child is leaving the Education Place after 11plus, SATS or GCSES. We provide regular safeguarding training to tutors and lessons will take place in a state of the art teaching environment that prioritises the well being of all our pupils.


  • Lessons cost £15 per hour. Payment for lessons costs £53.00 per calendar month over the 11 months of the school year (September to July)  As outlined above you can leave at any point, serving a four week notice.


  • If you decide to discontinue lessons at the Education Place  your account will be balanced and any payments owed either way will be paid.






All communication regarding lessons, exams, dates, contracts etc. etc. will take place with management / reception staff and not individual teachers. We are launching an app for parents / students to perform a number of functions regarding all aspects relating to music lessons at Pulse.

Come & See – At the end of each term you will be invited into the last 15 minutes of your booking, to see / discuss progress & raise any concerns etc.

Lesson Cancellation - Student Cancels

Unfortunately  if your child misses a lesson, it cannot be re-scheduled due to the group structure of the lessons.



Lesson Cancellation - Education Place cancels

There are occasions when we have to cancel lessons due to teacher absence or other unforeseen circumstances. In this instance, the following steps will occur:

  • We will try to cover the lesson with an appropriately trained teacher in the required subject area.
  • If cover is not available, this session will be banked
  • The group session will be  rescheduled as soon as possible.



Cover Teachers

At the Education Place  we aim for maximum consistency of teachers, in the best interests of the learner. However, there are occasions, due to illness, family events, or for other reasons that a cover teacher will deliver your lesson. We have processes in place to ensure that continuity is achieved, with teachers recording the content of lessons following every session delivered at The Education Place. We aim for as little disruption to lessons as possible, but, as stated above, this can at times be unavoidable.


We take safeguarding very seriously and all teachers are DBS checked and cleared. We also operate a ‘Safer Recruitment Policy” to ensure we thoroughly vet all staff that work at The Education Place. Our premises and teaching spaces have been designed with safeguarding at the forefront – bright open learning spaces and glazed doors etc. We have an open house policy and parents are welcome to use our new waiting room to wait for their child.

Lessons Termination

If You Decide To Discontinue Lessons:

We require a 4 lesson notice if you decide to discontinue lessons.

  • Please notify us if you decide to discontinue with lessons
  • We will then inform you of when your final lesson will take place
  • We will balance your account and provide you with a statement detailing
  • The number of lessons delivered & the amount paid

Following the above process, we will request or make payment to you, dependent whether there is a credit or debit on the account.





By signing this contract, you are signing to say that your child is attending the Education Place willingly and will behave appropriately during his/her lessons. Parents will be contacted immediately if this is not the case.


Pulse are asked to bring their own pencil cases to the Education Place.The Education Place will provide paper and exercise books.

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