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Teaching Online – Important Information & Guidance

Please read the information below regarding the delivery of online lessons. Teaching online presents a challenge to us all and we need to be aware & ready for these changes, both technically & in terms of the greater involvement of parents in the process. We must employ the utmost professionalism and conduct ourselves appropriately at all times.

The Teaching Environment


The Teaching Space Must Be A Professional Environment 

This is paramount to a professional delivery. Please ensure your rooms are as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This includes having a tidy environment with no unwanted mess, clutter and washing/piles of clothes etc on camera. These elements are visually important and will undoubtedly come under scrutiny from students & parents. Similarly, parents have been instructed that students should receive lessons in a family space – not a bedroom.

  • Teaching Must Not Take Place In A Bedroom – Teachers & Students


Professional / Appropriate Dress

Teachers Must Be Dressed Professionally At All Times

It is really important that even though we will be teaching from the comfort of our own homes, we do not forget dress etiquette. Professional  & smart dress at all times as you normally would for your Education Place  sessions.


Parental Presence

Parents Will Be In Attendance For Lessons

Parents have been notified that they must be in attendance for the beginning, middle and end of lessons. Please check this with your student and ask students to invite their parent back into the room at the start, mid point and end of lessons (if they leave for any reason). Explain to the parent that we want to ensure the safety of children online and ask that they are present for lessons. Please reiterate this at the start of the very first lesson.

Parents being present will bring some challenges. Our guidance to them has asked that they allow the lesson to run smoothly by not interrupting / correcting their child etc., however well intended. This will be the first time that many parents will have observed a lesson so this will place some pressure on teachers. Remember that many of our parents are professional people (many of them teachers) so please make sure that your language is clear, concise and appropriate at all times, and that you conduct your lessons with the upmost professionalism.

  • Parents may want to talk longer than normally at the end of lessons – please stress, politely, that you have your next lesson in the ‘online waiting room’

Recording Of Lessons

Do Not Record Lessons

No part of lessons should be recorded – audio or video.


Be Ready To Teach

Teachers must organise all resources before lessons i.e. links for parent emails, Powerpoint presentations , YouTube videos  – should all be in the one place. This will save massively on time during the lessons and have minimum impact on the children/parents





ALL communication  must remain as normal – with the Education Place. Any issues raised by parents during lessons must be noted and forwarded to the Education Place  via the online form distributed to teachers. Our system does not change – The Education Place will deal with all non teaching related issues – lesson times / cancellations / payment & all other issues related to our clients. Also:

  • Teachers will not communicate with students or parents outside the lessons.
  • Teachers & parents will not exchange email addresses or phone numbers with students or parents.
  • Teachers will not engage with children or parents via any social media channels.
Extra Lessons

Students / Parents Request Extra Lessons

If parents request extra tuition sessions, teachers are to forward the request to ourselves and these will be scheduled where possible.

Issues & Concerns

Be In Control

Teachers do not have to continue with lessons if they feel that students or parents are behaving inappropriately. Keep conversations professional at all times and do not be drawn into anything that you are uncomfortable with. If, for example, a parent asks any questions about your background / The Education Place / other teachers / personal information, or anything else, please advise them, politely, that: “Your guidance for lessons has instructed that online lessons are 100% dedicated to teaching & learning, and any other issues or questions must be directed via The Education Place.”



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