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Lessons  Online – Important Information & Guidance

Students & Parents

Guidance For Online Lessons

We are excited to be starting online lessons for our students. Our teachers have been issued with clear guidelines to ensure the successful delivery of high quality & safe online lessons. Many of our processes will remain the same – our teachers will solely teach music lessons and ALL other questions or issues regarding lessons, will be directed to the Pulse office.

Submit the form at the bottom of the page, to confirm that you have clearly understood the information and guidance herein. Lessons cannot proceed without this.





The Learning Environment


The Teaching Space Must Be A Family Space

We ask that lessons take place in a family area (dining room / lounge etc.). Lessons cannot proceed if students are in a bedroom space.
  • Teaching Must Not Take Place In A Bedroom – Teachers & Students


Appropriate Dress

Students Must Be Appropriately Dressed At All Times

Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately for lessons.


Parental Presence During Lessons

Parents In Attendance For Lessons

Parents must be in attendance for the beginning, middle and end of lessons. We understand that parents may need to leave the room on occasion but insist that parents are present for the majority of the lesson. Our teachers will periodically ask for a parent to be in the lesson environment.

A Polite Request

We politely request that parents & carers allow the teacher to teach with as few interruptions as possible, however well intended. It can be difficult, even when lessons are taking place offline, for teachers to focus on their delivery when there is a three way conversation taking place. Teachers will also need to end lessons promptly, in order to invite their next student into the virtual room.



Recording Of Lessons

Do Not Record Lessons

No part of lessons should be recorded – audio or video, by teachers, students or parents.
Before Your Lesson

Be Ready To Learn

Please ensure that students are ready to participate in the lesson. Instrument, music and computer / iPad must be ready and the device focused on the instrument. You will receive an email at your lesson time to join the Zoom connection and commence your lesson. There may be teething issues during the first week of lessons.




ALL communication  must remain as normal – with Pulse. Teachers are clear that all non related music issues will be directed to the Pulse office. This will ensure a more effective response to any issues that you may experience or questions etc.

Other Contact

Teachers are clear that no communication should take place, outside professional channels. Teachers will not exchange personal email addresses or phone numbers and will not engage with students or parents on social media. Students & parents must also adhere to these stipulations.
Extra Lessons

 Extra Lessons

If you require any extra lessons, please contact the office. Lessons cannot be scheduled by individual teachers.
Issues & Concerns

Contact Us

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Pulse office – or 0151 724 2120



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