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What Are The 2022 - 2023 Term Dates?


Autumn Term 2021

  • Starts: Monday 6th September
  • Ends: Friday 18th December
  • Half Term: Monday 25th October

Spring Term 2022

  • Starts: Monday 3rd January
  • Ends: Friday 9th April
  • Half term: Monday 21st February

Summer Term 2022

  • Starts: Monday 20th April
  • Ends: Monday 25th July
  • Half Term: Monday 30th May


I Need To Cancel A Lesson

If you give us 48 hours notice, your lesson will be banked and you will be invited to catch the lesson up at your convenience. Unfortunately if notice is within 48 hours of your lesson, we will be unable to include the lesson in our catch up sessions, and you will be charged as normal for the lesson. Please click below to cancel your lesson.

Cancel My Lesson

Can I Do My Lesson Online?

We feel that the very best experience is face to face lessons but realise that, due to isolation etc., students may not be able to attend. Lessons can be delivered online – please  click on the link below to take your next lesson online.

Click Here


When Can I Speak To My Child's Teacher?

We are currently limiting the number of parents in our reception area at any given time. It can be arranged for you to either speak to your teacher five minutes before the end of any given lesson, or you can receive written feedback via email. Please click on the link below to submit your request.


Click Here

I Want To Change My Lesson Time / Day

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch if we can accommodate a change. We do not keep waiting lists for time changes and we recommend that students and parents periodically check at reception or complete this form for availability.

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How Do Payments Work?

Your lessons are charged at £61:50 per calendar month. Lessons are delivered over an 11 month period with payments being spread over the full 12 months of the year. Lessons are charged at £16 per one to one lesson and there is an £9:50 per month management / membership fee. This fee ensures that all our teachers are recruited using Safer Recruitment policy, are DBS checked, receive safeguarding training, and that we can maintain professional teaching spaces, with safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.  All of these fees are inclusive within the monthly fee.

Payments are spread over a 12 month period due to your lesson day falling at different times in any given calendar month. For example – if you have 4 lessons in any given month, the value of the lessons is £73:50 but you will still only pay £61:50. The shortfall to ourselves is balanced out in months where there may be less than four lessons (April for example) and the August payment.

Please note that the client (you) is usually in credit (more lessons have been delivered than have been paid for) for approximately 8 months of the year.



I Want To Stop My Lessons At Pulse

We’ll be sorry to see you go. Please note that we require four weeks notice to terminate lessons. Once we receive the form from you below, we’ll check how many lessons you’ve had this year, how much you’ve paid and make a refund or charge where appropriate. Click below to cancel your lessons.

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What Are Catch Up Lessons?

If at any point you need to cancel a lesson and you give notice more than 48 hours before your lesson time, we will ‘bank’ your lesson. This means that you will not lose your lesson and we will invite you to catch up the lesson. You will be sent a link to re-book your lesson and if you can’t attend for any reason, we will continue to do this until the lesson is delivered. Please note that we can’t always guarantee that the catch up lesson will be with your regular teacher, but the teachers will exchange notes to ensure that the content of the lesson is correct.

How Do Grade Exams Work?

Our teachers can deliver grades for all the major exam boards and we regularly host exams at Pulse. Teachers work through the Grade course and when they feel that the student is ready to do a grade exam, they submit student information to management. From this point, we will provide students & parents with all the information required for entry, payment and delivery of your examination.