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The Secret Teacher

Things are going to become challenging in the coming months with families having to make difficult choices about how they spend their money . We have lost students recently due to this and have also noticed a decrease in enquiries for new starters. Losing students and new starters not joining affects us all. With this in mind, we decided to do some analysis of all teachers who supply services to ourselves and also speak to students and parents. So, we have ‘The Secret Teacher’, it might be YOU! We’re going to call our secret teacher “Sheila”.

What We Found

Sheila is, by a distance, the teacher that retains the most students. Students don’t leave Sheila!


If we have to change day and time for students, parents will change their schedule and move heaven and high water to stay with Sheila.


If students have a cover lesson delivered by Sheila – students very often ask if they can move their lessons to Sheila.


Sheila has enjoyed the most success of all teachers in the quantity of students submitted for public examinations.


Sheila’s students consistently achieve higher end results than other students.

Why Is Sheila So Popular?

To add some context we decided to contact a number of Sheila’s past and current students. This is what they told us:

“Sheila asks me about my day and knows about my football team. I love the little chat that we have at the start of the lesson.” Student

“Sheila is always so welcoming when we arrive – really smily and always uses my name. I feel that she really knows Gillian and there’s a great connection between us all.”

“The progress that Stanley has made has been fantastic. Sheila does concentrate on the grades but also does pop songs that Stanley likes.”







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