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Carleton House – Year 3 Instrumental Music Lessons

Your son / daughter has participated in a programme of instrumental taster lessons during the Autumn term in school. The programme gave the children the opportunity to try a range of instruments, including Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Percussion, Tenor Horn & Trumpet.

You will see below your child’s instrument and the process that has informed the outcome of the programme, and consequently the instrumental choice for your child. Please read the additional information carefully. There is a feedback form at the bottom of the page to submit any questions or queries that you may have.


Your Child’s Instrument: Flute



When Do Instrumental Lessons Take Place & Is There A Charge?

Instrumental lessons are part of the curriculum at Carleton House and take place on Tuesdays between 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Children do not miss any other areas of the curriculum to take part in the programme. Lessons will continue beyond Year 3 for the rest of your child’s time at Carleton House.

There are no additional fees payable for instrumental music lessons.

How Was My Child's Instrument Decided?


All of the year 3 children have had taster lessons on at least two instruments during the Autumn term.


Using their professional judgement, our teachers make recommendations as to the suitability of instruments for each child. Sometimes, children show an immediate aptitude for an instrument or teachers can predict future ‘growth’ into the instrument. It is important to note that for some instruments such as brass & woodwind, physical considerations are paramount for children in Year 3 – holding of larger instruments or development of lips for the production of sound on brass instruments, for example.


Our teachers have used their professional judgement to highlight the instruments in which each child displays aptitude. Teachers have also noted the children’s response and enjoyment of instruments.

Student Voice

We have consulted with the children at the start of the process – to find out their current musical learning and aspirations for future instrumental choices. This was then followed by individual meetings at the end of the process, to gather their feedback and preferences moving forward.


A combination of factors have resulted in the final choice of instrument for each child. These include:

  • The professional judgement of teachers

  • The aptitude of each child for particular instruments

  • The choices made by each child

  • Logistical & resource considerations

    • Please note that it is impossible for every child to move forward with lessons in their first choice instrument. For example: Drums is a very popular choice among children. Due to there only being one drum kit in school, and one teacher within the allotted time, we unfortunately cannot satisfy all requests.
Lessons, Orchestra & Examinations


Lessons are generally  delivered in small groups (usually 2 children) and on occasion, one to one. Lessons last for 30 minutes. There are a whole range of logistical / staffing & resource considerations when delivering lessons to 23 children within a one hour period and compromises have to be made to ensure successful delivery. There are also important procedures to ensure that lessons are delivered in a COVID secure manner.


There is an Orchestra in school that meets on Wednesdays after school. Children are invited to Orchestra when their teachers feel that they are ready to participate in a group music making environment. Orchestra is offered, in the main, to children in Y5 & Y6.


All of the children will follow learning programmes set by all of the leading examination boards and when appropriate, will submit children for public examinations. Grades can be achieved with consistent practice of instruments at home.


Will My Child Need An Instrument?

Instrument Usage / Purchase

Your child will use a school instrument for lessons.

It is clear from our experience of Carleton children learning instruments in school during previous years, that good results can be achieved though regular and supported practice at home. We have wholesale deals with suppliers and can supply instruments at approximately 70% of retail cost, passing on savings to parents. Please indicate in the form on this page, if you would like to receive information regarding instrument purchase.

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