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Carleton House - Year 2 Music Lessons

  • Introduction

    We'd like to introduce ourselves as the music delivery partner at Carleton House. We are a private music school based in Mossley Hill, and we also deliver music services to Liverpool's leading schools. Our teachers deliver weekly music lessons & Orchestra sessions at Carleton House.
  • Music Lessons In Year 3

    As your son / daughter moves into Year 3 at Carleton House, he/she will receive instrumental tuition on a weekly basis, during curriculum time. Lessons take place on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons, outside numeracy & literacy sessions that take place in the morning. Lessons offered include Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Voice & Percussion. The first term of year 3 will consist of 'taster' lessons on all instruments. A combination of parent / student feedback / logistics / aptitude and resources will be analysed to arrive at your child's instrument for lessons following the taster period.
  • FAQ: Payment

    There is no external charge for lessons detailed above. Pulse also delivers private Piano lessons separately in school, for which there is a charge.
  • We'd Love To Meet You!

    The Year 5 & 6 Orchestra concert will take place on Tuesday 9th July. We would like to invite all Year 3 parents to a short presentation / performance prior to the concert. This will give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and also for you to see some of the incredible musicians at Carleton House perform. Details are included in the form below - the short meeting is timed just prior to picking up on the 9th.
  • Information

    Please return the brief form below in order that we can plan for the upcoming presentation and also, information regarding your child's musical activity. This is really important for our staff & planning lessons in September.
  • Your Feedback / Comments

    Please input any information below that you feel will help us plan your child's musical journey from Year 3 onwards.


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