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What’s The Aim Of The Band Sessions?

To give the students the chance to apply their skills in a band context and develop new friendships with like minded children and to take part in a live performance in the second to final week of the school year – w/b July 6th

When Will The Sessions Start & What Are Times?

Sessions will commence on Saturday 7th March and run through to the final week of the school year and a live performance. Band sessions will not take place in ‘middle Saturdays’ of half terms and Easter Holidays. There will be sessions on the Saturday following a Friday half term finish, for example. Sessions times will commence at 10:00, 11:00 & 12:00. A further 1:00 p.m. session will be added, dependent on demand.

**Wind & Strings Players – Please Note – The sessions for these players will be from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. only**

How Many Sessions In Total, What’s The Cost & How Do I Pay?

There will be 15 sessions from March to July and the sessions will be priced at £7:00 per session. The total cost will be £105:00 and will be spread over 5 payments from March to July inclusive @ £21:50 per month. There is a 50p per  month charge within this fee for processing with Gocardless.

What If My Child Can’t Make Certain Sessions?

Due to this being a group activity, we cannot bank or reschedule classes due to other commitments or illness. We hope that parents will understand this and maybe factor in the free sessions that have been delivered in the pilot period, if the there are sessions that can’t be attended during the programme. The sessions will start on Saturday March 7th and finish on Saturday July 4th. The ‘rest’ weeks will be: April 4th & 11th & May 30th.

What Happens Next?

If You Do Not Wish To Move Forward With Sessions OR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Please Complete The Form Below. (it would be a great help to know either way so please complete).

If You Wish To Move Forward With Sessions: Please Click On This Link To Book: 


Or: Complete the form below if you don’t want to take part / or have any questions.

Saturday Band Sessions

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