Music Lessons Liverpool

Music Lessons Liverpool: We are Pulse Music and we offer music lessons in many instruments including Piano, Guitar, Drums & Voice. We have an expert team of music teachers  and a 100% pass rate in music grade examinations. We also offer Pop Star Parties & recording studio experiences at our tuition centre and recording studios in Liverpool.

Pulse Music is your number one destination for Expert Music Tuition, Recording Studio Experiences and Children’s Parties in Liverpool!

music lessons liverpool

1 to 1 Music Lessons

All Instruments
Free Taster Lesson
Adults & Children

music lessons liverpool

Children’s Parties Liverpool

Pop Star Parties
Kids Parties Liverpool

Birthday Parties /  Year 6 Parties
Hens & Corporate

music lessons liverpool

Kids Music Classes

Girl Band / Year 6 Package
Rock Band
Ukelele Band

music lessons liverpool

Adult Music Classes 

Music Lessons
Vocal Group
Ukelele Group


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