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Liverpool Secondary Schools – Music Places

Four Liverpool secondary schools offer Year 7 music places based on musical aptitude. Those schools are Liverpool College, St. Edwards College, Archbishop Blanch & King David. Places are issued to children based on musical performance and musical aptitude. Liverpool College & St. Edwards set their own admissions test for music, with King David & Archbishop Blanch staging a combined test.

Although each school has its own bespoke process, all schools listed above (except Liverpool College) require children to perform a piece on their instrument and also take a musical aptitude test. This test measures a child’s natural instinct for music through a series of rhythm, pitch and harmonic tests.


At The Music Place, we have prepared a number of children for these tests and have a very high success rate of children gaining a place at their first choice school. Our Musical Aptitude sessions prepare children so that they have an understanding of what to expect at a musical aptitude test.

Existing Pulse students are prepared for the performance aspect (as requested to their instrumental teachers) and we are also staging musical aptitude classes in early September 2019 for existing and external students. There is minimal information of ‘what to expect’ in the musical aptitude tests and there are no past papers. However, given our knowledge and experience of delivering ABRSM aural classes, and also ¬†of entering a large number of children for tests, we are confident that children will be fully equipped to undertake the tests.

Register Your Interest Now – Musical Aptitude Classes – Early September 2019. (Dates will be confirmed in due course). *Please note that we will have limited availability and places will be offered on a first come, first served basis

  • Please note – We can only support and advise on the musical aptitude test itself. Parents must check with each individual school regarding admissions process and dates for application etc.


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